xmas tree Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

            to all.



Today is a very sad day. Our cat ‘cher’ died. Rick woke and found the poor little
outside, blind as a bat. The vet told us that she had a tick and that there was
to do but put her out of her misery. I have never seen Rick as upset as he was,
and by the sound of him on the phone, still is.



Well, I have found out that I have to go the long route –

through ‘live writer’ , to get to blog. Rudd signed Kyoto treaty,

maybe he will be a halfway decent PM.



first entry

Smile  This is 1st entry. Just heard from Dee, she was bitten on the nose by a wasp today.Ouch!!!
     My photo [windows of course] went right on without permission and doubled on everything –
     so spent a large chunk of time deleting. Other than that no news today, so far.