lovely day

Well today has been spent just trotting around the house – basically doing this and that. Read where the Japanese whalers have taken up the hunt again, Greenpeace had  to call into Australia and fill up with petrol.
Back on Australia Day weekend mixed with xmas – had a great day and night – think it was the first time Bell was left home alone (poor thing). When we arrived home she was wailing – or so I thought’ Lorraine, Matt and Rick bought me a digital camera, was blown away. Took over 60 photos – some I will put here but a lot will go to ‘flickr’ this weekend. Will leave you now, am going to upload…..weeeeeee

BBC NEWS | Technology | Japan looks to step beyond HD

Wow – imagine that. A television the size of a small cine screen in your bedroom or lounge. Click on this – the screen looks huge because it is but I was only joking about the rooms. You just have to love japanese innovation. 

BBC NEWS | Technology | Japan looks to step beyond HD

Australia Day

Tomorrow is Australia Day – and the next day ,Sunday, our family will be together to celebrate both Aussie day and Christmas.
We live in different states and take turns with family holidays.


WE ARE ONE NATION, WE ARE ONE PEOPLE, said the the winner of the democrat
caucus in Iowa. Barack Obama came in 1st followed by John Edwards, with Hillary Clinton
a close third (30%&29%).