Hi there, this week (its only Tues.) has been great. Oh, did I mention I have got broadband now! Am in 21st century and can watch videos and upload and download – FASTFASTFAST. Speaking of videos – Lea, loved the cat video, and the the practical joke video. That’s all for now, bye.


 Had a great day today – spoke to my sis, "hi you", and my son. Both should get together and discuss downloading and movies. I am hoping that this translates to my blog page, because the previous 2 have not – just blank space. My cat is well and I am waiting for ‘love of my life’ to arrive. He should be here any minute.
By the way, I found a great photo of a lush, green plant. WONDER what is, hmmmm!!luscious eh?


Don’t know if this is like previous – ‘CAUSE I never damn check. Had a great steak and salad, Rick cooked the steak – rare, Yum! Balla’s been fine and dandy and attacking her orange xmas present Lorraine gave her. It’s shaped like a cylinder and is orange (glows in the dark) – I call the WORM HOLE.
Me, Rick and the cat have lots of fun with it, really. We’re just grown up kids.
Well hopefully this week Telstra will get around to sending discs etc., to our PostOffice and I can be online like everyone else instead of ‘dial-up".
See you soon and Hi to my new friends.what a beauty


Read my sis’ blog and think she said ‘fishing’ and ‘hammerhead’ – she is almost as bad as me when it comes to choosing a colour for the font.

Today is going fine, last week I thought my pc would be in the fast lane – but Telstra has not gotten around to sending poor slobs, like me, who live in the bush, necessary equipment – even though it has been bought and paid for, for over a week. Well now that I have thoroughly depressed myself I shall leave you.

chat with me and you

One of these days I’ll remember which font and colour I have used previously. At the moment it looks like chickens have been walking about on my blog – perhaps they have when I have been sleeping.
Lea, love your new blog look. How did you get windows player up there. This blog does nothing I ask it to.
Watched the elections in america – Hillary, Obama are still to break clear of each other. Looks like McCain will win nomination handily – that is because americans are ‘jerks’ when it comes to republicans voting in anything that has a brain.
Well I will bid you all goodnight.

Hi there

Well, I see that mum is has started to blog – well close, she has signed on. Mum, put up some photos – you don’t have to say anything yet.
Tomorrow is super Tuesday, in America. I am hoping for a Hillary win but won’t be disappointed if Obama wins. Just as long as we can beat the heck out of those bloody Republicans.
Still raining here – some flooding to be seen in the cane fields and everything is damp. Got cold today too.cyclist trudging thru snowchinachinatrain station in china


Back again – had a cosy weekend – rainy and cool, like it that way. Opened up an a/c with aol – not the best of sites. I can’t wait for this yahoo/microsoft merger, but some say google are talking to yahoo – so wait to see. I will add some photos that I like….