Back again – had a cosy weekend – rainy and cool, like it that way. Opened up an a/c with aol – not the best of sites. I can’t wait for this yahoo/microsoft merger, but some say google are talking to yahoo – so wait to see. I will add some photos that I like….

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  1. bkind2animals · February 11, 2008

    your pics are great!! really cool blog stuff I got the media player there (but haventfigured outyet wat to do with it) Tony Damian ZAC and myself hired a fishing boat yesterday we could see clearly (about 200 metres) the dredging ship (Queen of the Netherlands) off Rosebud. pretty bloody huge vaccum cleaner, sucking thing!!, should piss off out of our beautiful bay i say!!!
    Anyway Zac did catch a flathead (his first fish on his new rod) i caught a (banjo shark) Dame caught an Abalonee shell?? and Tony caught a cold!!! watch this space !!

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