beautiful day

Ah, Sunday. Today is a beautiful day, a zephyr of breeze, blue skies, birds flying about with a happy chirp. Life feels good today. Hello to my friends out there.
Today I spoke to my mum. She is a good old duck – has to be – she loves me! My sisters and parents have the unhappy fate of living in Victoria….I should take that back or qualify with ‘in winter’. But anyway, they are fine and well, which just adds to the beauty of this day. My kids are also fine and well – they are also fortunate, in that they reside in Brisbane. I am going to get some email, I think, from family after this.
Does anyone out there wish that microsoft would narrow their ‘page’ – or is it just my computer. It would be helpful if they had a size fit, like yahoo has.
Well bye to you all.