Eye-rollingHi there. Anyone been following the US elections? It looks like John McCain is the man who will be next pres. God help us all! Americans seem a scared lot – no wonder really, George Bush did a real ‘job’ on them. Who wouldn’t be afraid – what with phrases like ‘war on terror’. What the hell does that mean??Then there is the ‘jihadists’ – whoa!, that will give you nightmares if you think too hard about it. Oh, and I love the way Russia problems – ‘the russians are coming’ – just managed to pop up before the democratic convention.
Well, how are we Aussies enjoying our new Prime Minister of overseas – because that is where he is most of the time. And his ‘watches’ and reviews. Nothing else, just a lot of hot air. But a lot of folks voted him in. Seems we get a a disease, called ‘stupid’ every 3-4 years.
Well I shall bid you farewell for now……god it’s cold this morning.