Eye-rollingHi there. Anyone been following the US elections? It looks like John McCain is the man who will be next pres. God help us all! Americans seem a scared lot – no wonder really, George Bush did a real ‘job’ on them. Who wouldn’t be afraid – what with phrases like ‘war on terror’. What the hell does that mean??Then there is the ‘jihadists’ – whoa!, that will give you nightmares if you think too hard about it. Oh, and I love the way Russia problems – ‘the russians are coming’ – just managed to pop up before the democratic convention.
Well, how are we Aussies enjoying our new Prime Minister of overseas – because that is where he is most of the time. And his ‘watches’ and reviews. Nothing else, just a lot of hot air. But a lot of folks voted him in. Seems we get a a disease, called ‘stupid’ every 3-4 years.
Well I shall bid you farewell for now……god it’s cold this morning.

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  1. Amanda · September 8, 2008

    Yes I have been following the US Elections very closely.  Is it just me but is America ready for Obama, god I hope so, but to be honest I do not think he will get in.  Hilary and Bill have weighed in with their support and I just so love his running mate of Joe Biden – what an awesome and inspiring fellow.  Hmm McCAin could have picked a better running mate it looks as though it was Quick get me a female and a family woman at that….well he got that in spades, will be encourage people to vote for her and McCain – we will wait and see.  Kevin 24/7 Rudd what a tool…. Am not impressed with him one little bit.  I think he will sell us out.  I would hate to be on his Protection Team wow they would not be sleeping one little bit.  He has to slow down to smell the roses and listen to the people.  Ok I have waffled enough.  Love your site and keep popping back at funny times to have a look.  Keep it up you are keeping me sane.,  hehheh

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