Talking about Logging ban to protect parrots delayed


QuoteA dead line to ban logging in Sth NSW has been pushed back indefinetly.

Logging ban to protect parrots delayed


Hell in the Pacific



Hell in the Pacific: Lessons from the brokest country on Earth. | The Big Money
The island nation of Nauru ranks as one of the more obscure world destinations. You have some sense of just how obscure from the CIA’s World Factbook. Although the Factbook is normally a fairly authoritative source for information on countries, it lists Nauru’s population at around 14,000. This is wrong: The latest census, from the end of 2006, counted 9,275 Nauruans. The Central Intelligence Agency doesn’t know how many people live in Nauru. And, frankly, almost certainly doesn’t care. Nauru is that out of the way.

Children Zapped by Stun Guns



Number of children zapped by stun guns while visiting Florida prisons grows to 43 – St. Petersburg T
McNeil has repeatedly stressed that the stun-gunning happened at only three of the 55 institutions and that it wasn’t a widespread practice. Still, he acknowledged that it was "logical" to assume that other children had been shocked on other take-your-kids-to-work days. One of the fired guards said the practice had occurred before, but so far, prison officials have found no evidence of that.McNeil noted that the stun guns used differ from Tasers, which shoot electrified wires at their targets and deliver a far more powerful amperage. So far this year, none of the stun guns have been used on the 100,000 prison inmates — only on the children of DOC workers. McNeil said the use of the guns violated DOC policies

More Than 30 Percent of U.S. Birds in Decline



Federal Report: More Than 30 Percent of U.S. Birds in Decline | Audubon Magazine Blog
In the United States, more than 800 native bird species dwell in our terrestrial, coastal, and ocean habitats—and nearly one-third of those species have declined over the last four decades. Yesterday, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, Audubon, and several other top-notch environmental groups unveiled this finding in the State of the Birds report. The news isn’t all bad (the Whooping Crane and California condor have pulled back from the brink of extinction, for instance), but overall the report is a sobering look at the threats, including energy development, climate change, and over fishing, facing the nation’s birds.Here are a few highlights