Talking about Frank Schaeffer: My Favorite Hate Email From the Religious Right



Frank Schaeffer: My Favorite Hate Email From the Religious Right
received this email from a priest. At least it was signed! $The misspelling of the President’s name, double question marks, capitalization etc., is in the original.$Frank, I just read that you are supporting the pro-abortionist Barach Hussein Obama… Now you support a man who is the dream come true of everything ANTI-Christian. Are you no longer Christian?? I was stunned… Please respond, How could you post on the Huffington Post, the most anti-Christian, anti-traditional site?? These people HATE everything Christianity stands for! In Christ, Father G.Rant starts here: I can only imagine the steady diet of junk ideology that must have been pouring from right wing web sites, evangelical leaders, talk radio and bizarre newsletters into Fr. G’s head to have pushed him — a priest no less, supposedly a confessor, shepherd and comforter — to put politics ahead of faith and thus berate a complete stranger and question his faith on the basis of who that stranger voted for or what web sites he writes for

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