Memo confirms Bush and Blair knew claims Iraq had WMDs were lies


A confidential memo obtained by the Observer, detailing a meeting between President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair, confirms their determination to press ahead with the invasion of Iraq in 2003 without any evidence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and without United Nations approval.

The five-page memo, written by Blair’s foreign policy adviser Sir David Manning, is dated January 31, 2003, some two months before the invasion began. It records the thinking of Bush and Blair as it became increasingly obvious that United Nations weapons inspectors would not find the advanced weaponry, including a nuclear capability, that both leaders were using to justify military action.

According to the memo, Bush discussed various possible provocations that might trigger a second UN resolution to justify war in the absence of any WMD. One plan being considered by the White House was “to fly U2………….

Memo confirms Bush and Blair knew claims Iraq had WMDs were lies

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Op-Ed Columnist – The End of the Beginning –
TEHRAN — Iran’s 1979 revolution took a full year to gestate. The uprising of 2009 has now ended its first phase. But the volatility ushered in by the June 12 ballot-box putsch of Iran’s New Right is certain to endure over the coming year. The Islamic Republic has been weakened.Skip to next paragraph Earl Wilson/The New York TimesRoger Cohen Go to Columnist Page » RelatedOp-Ed Columnist: Life and Death in Tehran (June 23, 2009) Op-Ed Columnist: Iran’s Children of Tomorrow (June 23, 2009) Room for Debate: The Arab World Reacts (or Doesn’t) (June 23, 2009) Op-Ed Columnist: A Supreme Leader Loses His Aura as Iranians Flock to the Streets (June 21, 2009) Op-Ed Columnist: City of Whispers (June 20, 2009) Op-Ed Columnist: My Name Is Iran (June 18, 2009) Op-Ed Columnist: Iran on a Razor’s Edge (June 16, 2009) Op-Ed Columnist: Iran’s Day of Anguish (June 15, 2009) During one of the violent clashes here in recent days, I saw a member of the riot police confront a protester holding a cell phone. “Don’t take a photograph of me!” he yelled at the young man.“Why?” the man shouted back. “You’re not naked.”But the Islamic Republic is. Everyone knows where everyone stands; it isn’t pretty. All the fudge that allowed a modern society to coexist with a theocracy inspired by an imam occulted in the 9th century has been swept away, leaving two Irans at war.

Op-Ed Columnist – Roger Cohen – Life and Death in Tehran –


TEHRAN — They gathered, the women in black, at Nilofar Square to mourn Neda Agha Soltan, the Iranian student cut down by a single bullet, whose last moments were captured on a video that has gone global.

I sat among the mourners in late afternoon, under the plane trees, as candles burned and a prayer was said. The square seemed an oasis. I asked a young woman if she was scared. “Yes,” she said. “I’m scared that all the blood shed for this cause may be wasted.”

The cause, of course, is the annulment of Iran’s fraudulent election and, beyond that, freedom.

Op-Ed Columnist – Roger Cohen – Life and Death in Tehran –

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Greg Mitchell: My Daughter’s Chilling Account of Years at Holocaust Museum
The entire time I worked there, we always expected something terrible to happen. I was very lucky it didn’t while I was there — but it wasn’t for lack of trying. Our head of security was a former FBI guy and he said we would not believe the volume of threats. While the museum was being built, we were told that neighboring buildings were enhancing their security and protection in anticipation that the Museum would be a target for violent extremists, possibly even blown up. When we opened, each of us working there received a ‘security kit.’ This was to supplement our in-person briefings. The kit contained instructions on what to do in the case of a bombing, an evacuation, receiving a bomb threat, etc

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Nancy Sutley: Obama to stake political prestige on passing US climate bill | Environment | guardian.
Barack Obama is prepared to stake his own political prestige on getting climate change legislation through Congress, and would be willing to intervene directly to ensure passage of America’s first law to reduce the carbon emissions that cause global warming.Nancy Sutley, who is pivotal in setting Obama’s green agenda as the chairwoman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, told the Guardian that the president is ready to use his considerable personal popularity to rally Congress behind a sweeping climate change bill.