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Op-Ed Columnist – The End of the Beginning –
TEHRAN — Iran’s 1979 revolution took a full year to gestate. The uprising of 2009 has now ended its first phase. But the volatility ushered in by the June 12 ballot-box putsch of Iran’s New Right is certain to endure over the coming year. The Islamic Republic has been weakened.Skip to next paragraph Earl Wilson/The New York TimesRoger Cohen Go to Columnist Page » RelatedOp-Ed Columnist: Life and Death in Tehran (June 23, 2009) Op-Ed Columnist: Iran’s Children of Tomorrow (June 23, 2009) Room for Debate: The Arab World Reacts (or Doesn’t) (June 23, 2009) Op-Ed Columnist: A Supreme Leader Loses His Aura as Iranians Flock to the Streets (June 21, 2009) Op-Ed Columnist: City of Whispers (June 20, 2009) Op-Ed Columnist: My Name Is Iran (June 18, 2009) Op-Ed Columnist: Iran on a Razor’s Edge (June 16, 2009) Op-Ed Columnist: Iran’s Day of Anguish (June 15, 2009) During one of the violent clashes here in recent days, I saw a member of the riot police confront a protester holding a cell phone. “Don’t take a photograph of me!” he yelled at the young man.“Why?” the man shouted back. “You’re not naked.”But the Islamic Republic is. Everyone knows where everyone stands; it isn’t pretty. All the fudge that allowed a modern society to coexist with a theocracy inspired by an imam occulted in the 9th century has been swept away, leaving two Irans at war.

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