Talking about HealthLinx Ltd – Diagnostics



HealthLinx Ltd – Diagnostics
Diagnostics DiagnosticsUnlike the therapeutics’ market, where it can take up to 15 years and US$1billion to get a drug from discovery to the market, a diagnostic will usually take less than a third of that time and less than 10% of the cost. “Before any drug can be developed as a therapeutic for a disease, one must have the ability to diagnose the disease to deliver increased patient care and outcomes.” Laboratory-based diagnostic (in vitro diagnostics, IVDs) are extremely valuable in detecting illnesses at an early stage (both predisposition and onset). Such diagnostics, involve the analysis of patient samples that are tested outside the body (e.g. blood, urine, saliva and hair). IVDs involve the use of: proven biomarkers of disease or dysfunction onset, progression and/or recurrence; or proteomic or genomic information to identify an individuals predisposition to specific diseases and the suitable of treatment regimens


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