Talking about YouTube – postcard from Byron Bay Australia


Quote What a place – Live just up the road from there. Byron – go there if you can.

YouTube – postcard from Byron Bay Australia

Talking about Geothermal power –



Geothermal power –
Geothermal power is an important asset that, though not yet entirely exploited, can be included in an efficient mix of resources for sustainable development. This renewable energy comes from the heat contained in the deepest layers of the Earth’s crust.Geothermal power is deployed by conveying the vapours coming from underground water springs into turbines that will transform them into electricity. The water vapour will then be reutilized for heating, growing vegetables in greenhouses and thermal spas

Talking about Scientists in the Bunker – Lane Wallace



Scientists in the Bunker – Lane Wallace
The first thought that crossed my mind, reading about the embarrassing leak of emails from climate scientists at the University of East Anglia–a leak that revealed their efforts to suppress inconvenient or complicating data and discredit anyone who questioned their data or results–was that they must not have gotten the memo about discretion in email writing. The one about never putting anything in an email that you don’t want to see on a Times Square billboard