Talking about Rudd Labor: youth better off idle than in work



Rudd Labor: youth better off idle than in work
Thousands more young Australians will be denied after-school jobs under the Rudd Labor Government dogma being preached by career unionist Joe de Bruyn, says Shadow Youth Minister Steven Ciobo. Mr Ciobo’s comments came after Mr de Bruyn reportedly slammed the Coalition’s mere discussion of more flexible engagement rules as a “disgraceful exploitation” of young people.


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Will Iraq’s Oil Ever Flow? | Mother Jones
How the mighty have fallen. Just a few years ago, an overconfident Bush administration expected to oust Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, pacify the country, install a compliant client government, privatize the economy, and establish Iraq as the political and military headquarters for a dominating US presence in the Middle East. These successes were, in turn, expected to pave the way for ambitious goals, enshrined in the 2001 report of Vice President Dick Cheney’s secretive task force on energy. That report focused on exploiting Iraq’s monstrous, largely untapped energy reserves—more than any country other than Saudi Arabia and Iran—including the quadrupling of Iraq’s capacity to pump oil and the privatization of the production process

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Toyota hit by more than 100 Prius brake complaints –
The new Prius gas-electric hybrid, which went on sale in Japan and the U.S. in May 2009, is not part of the recalls that extend to Europe and China, covering nearly 4.5 million vehicles.The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received about 100 complaints involving the brakes of the Prius new model. Two involved crashes resulting in injuries.Japan’s transport ministry said Wednesday it has also received 14 complaints since July last year about brake problems with Toyota’s new Prius hybrid.