BBC News – Obituary: Tony Curtis


With his pompadour haircut and knowing blue eyes, Tony Curtis cut a charming, good-humoured figure in Hollywood for more than half a century.

He emerged as a likeable survivor of the star system, who lived by his own ethos that “it’s supposed to be fun”.

Born in Manhattan to an immigrant Jewish tailor from Hungary, young Bernard Schwarz lived behind his father’s shop on the East Side, before moving to the Bronx.

Speaking Hungarian at home, he was a young tearaway who lived by his wits and fast feet, often in street gangs

BBC News – Obituary: Tony Curtis

Tweed loses WRC to Coffs Coast | Tweed News | Local News in Tweed | Tweed Daily News


RALLY Australia will leave the Northern Rivers for Coffs Harbour.

The Australian leg of the World Rally Championship is now bound for the NSW Mid-North Coast after organisers yesterday pulled the plug on any future events in the Tweed and Kyogle shires.

The move has been celebrated by the Tweed-based No Rally Group, which opposed the rally since last year’s first event, and mourned by Tweed’s tourism and business sectors, which had basked in the economic benefits created.

Tweed Mayor Kevin Skinner yesterday voiced shock and disappointment over the removal of the multi-million-dollar event from the region

Tweed loses WRC to Coffs Coast | Tweed News | Local News in Tweed | Tweed Daily News

Stephen Colbert’s got sway –


If George Orwell and Lucille Ball had a love child, his name would be Stephen Colbert.

In the last century, the great critics of corrupt political language were British authors who wrote dystopian novels. In "1984," Orwell described a totalitarian society in which meaningless political language, dubbed Newspeak, veiled horrible truths.

Earlier, In "Brave New World," Aldous Huxley described toddlers conditioned in laboratories to be afraid of books. And in "A Clockwork Orange," Anthony Burgess imagined a world in which ultraviolent teens rampaged in a distinctive English-Russian patois that defined their alienation from society and authority.

Now in the 21st century, there is Colbert’s "truthiness" — political half-truths, quarter-truths and what the website Politifact describes as "Pants-on-Fire" prevarications.

Stephen Colbert’s got sway –