Green residents only for new Stockholm district – The Local



Demands on prospective residents of the Royal Seaport Norra Djurgårdsstaden would include sorting waste, engaging in healthy eating habits, using public transportation or cycling, buying eco-friendly brands, exercising, participating in carpools and socialising with neighbours, newspaper Dagens Nyheter DN wrote on Tuesday.Special courses would also be offered so residents could learn the latest in green-living techniques.

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Two Prisoners Raise Endangered Frogs by Hand : TreeHugger



Some might say James Goodall and Harry Greer have a soft spot for frogs — and theyd likely agree with that. In fact, it could be said that the relationship between the two men and the dozens of endangered frogs they helped raise is a bit like that of a parent and child — and theyd probably agree with that as well.

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NewsDaily: Tarantulas help scientists break down human fear

LONDON, Nov. 8, 2010 Reuters Life! — Scientists using tarantulas to unpick human fear have found that the brain responds differently to threats based on proximity, direction and how scary people expect something to be.A Chilean rose tarantula is shown at the environment reserve in Mexico state, one of 500 tarantulas abandoned at the airport in Mexico City this week when their owner failed to complete import paperwork. REUTERS/Henry Romero HR/HBResearchers from the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge, England used functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI, to track brain activity in 20 volunteers as they watched a tarantula placed near their feet, and then moved closer.Their results suggest that different components of the brains fear network serve specific threat-response functions and could help scientists diagnose and treat patients who suffer from clinical phobias

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Scientists re-create big bang – ABC News Australian Broadcasting Corporation



Scientists at the worlds largest atom smasher are getting their first look at the conditions which existed moments after the big bang of creation.Physicists working on the ALICE experiment in the Large Hadron Collider LHC at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research CERN, under the Franco-Swiss border, have started smashing heavy lead ions together at close to the speed of light – in a process recreating the universe as it was 13.7 billion years ago.

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Google scares Aussie banks – Business – News



Google could be the biggest threat to the big four banks because of the trust online users place in it and its ability to engage with customers, according to banking executives. Credit: Darren Pauli/ZDNet AustraliaManagers from Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, GM Bank, Rabobank and Spain-based Bankinter chaired a panel discussion where they were challenged by members of the financial sector on their apparent slack innovation efforts.RaboDirect general manager Greg McAweeney told an audience from the finance sector in Sydney last week that companies such as Google and PayPal are more responsive and trusted than banks.

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Lexington: And now on to the White House | The Economist



SUCH is the relentlessness of democracy in America that even before this week’s votes were counted, Republican heads were swivelling towards the next big question. What—or, rather, who—will it take to move from triumph in the mid-terms to reconquest of the White House in 2012?Only a few months ago even Republicans would admit in private that the job of unseating Barack Obama seemed daunting. This week the president looks abruptly diminished and the choice of plausible Republican challengers correspondingly wider. But after the wine of victory has been drunk and the party begins to sober up, the job will come to look trickier again. That is because although the voters spoke this week, nobody can be sure what they intended to say.For example: were they voting for the Republicans, or against the Democrats? Were they repudiating the whole Obama agenda or just registering a protest against hard times? Are voters more enthusiastic about the tea-party insurgents who set the grass-roots on fire, or the safer hands of the establishment types who wrote the cautious, bet-hedging Pledge to America, the nearest thing the Republicans offered to a manifesto?

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Factory jobs post surprising strength – Sep. 27, 2010



NEW YORK — As the labor market continues to struggle, one surprising bright spot stands out amid the list of battered industries — factory jobs.Manufacturing employment began its decline long before the recession, losing jobs every year since 1998. But since the start of this year, there’s been a 1.6% gain in manufacturing jobs — about twice the pace of growth in other private sector jobs. 290 Email Print CommentEven if manufacturing hiring stays flat the rest of this year, the industry is poised to post its biggest percentage gain in jobs since 1994.”In 2008 and 2009, manufacturers would not hire,” said Norbert Ore, head of the Institute for Supply Management’s survey of manufacturers. “Today they’re willing to fill openings, willing to hire. Here and there, they’re adding a shift.”

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