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It was the worst summer. The war seemed as unending as the excuses of Western leaders for their inaction. In a besieged Sarajevo, people raised hands to their necks in a gesture of self-strangulation as the flat fracturing boom of another shell reverberated in the valley

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God Save the Colonies – By Alex Massie | Foreign Policy



When British Prime Minister David Cameron told his cabinet colleagues the happy news of Prince William\’s engagement this week, the Queen\’s ministers cheered and thumped the table to signify their joy. Many Britons were equally delighted that the prince and his bride-to-be, Kate Middleton, had finally sealed the deal — evidenced in the acres of newsprint and fawning television coverage. To be sure, the hype has bored many others witless

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6 Animals That Just Don’t Give A F#@k |

Some animals are boring, and that’s fine: They’re all gathering nuts or looking for mates or marking territory or some stupid shit. Hey, you know, whatever floats your boat, squirrel. We prefer the animals that just straight don’t give a fuck: the ones that punch sharks in the dick, ghost-ride somebody else’s whip, beer-bong tequila and look you dead in the eye while plowing your girlfriend. Animals like:

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