What has happened to our ABC? | Independent Australia

he ABC has imitated its commercial rivals by its unbalanced efforts to belittle and demean the Prime Minister, says Denise Allen.by Denise AllenWhat on earth is happening to our ABC? Lately some ABC journalists are behaving more like their shock jock counterparts from Today Tonight, A Current Affair and commercial radio.We have always prided our taxpayer-funded ABC on being fair and balanced in every aspect of their reporting. Even when performing hard hitting interviews, the journalist e.g. Kerry O’Brien has always, in the past, shown a certain degree of decorum — always challenging and assertive but always respectful.But lately, the amount of smart aleck – and often  downright rude – comments directed at our politicians – mainly Labor politicians – and especially the Prime Minister, have been quite beyond the pale.

via What has happened to our ABC? | Independent Australia.


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