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Its pretty clear at this point that the Republican Guaranteed Presidency ducks are rapidly forming a nice row consisting of a toxic stew of disenfranchisement of anyone who might not vote for the Money Guys Designated Plunderer. But just in case it doesnt work, and Barack Obama is re-elected, theres always Plan B: Impeachment. Obama is a man of such personal restraint that theyll never get anything as titillating as lying about a blowjob, but that doesnt mean the Republicans wont try to go The Full Clinton on him.The “high crime and misdemeanor” thats going to be deemed far more heinous than deliberately ignoring the threat of an imminent terrorist attack just because the information had been passed on by the Clinton Administration and then lying us into an unrelated war under false pretenses to enrich your oil buddies, is going to be a botched program that started under the Bush Administration.

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