Turn Left 2013

There has been a lot of talk in the past 24 hours about boycotting Brumby’s Bakeries for their encouraging their franchise holders to put up their prices and blame it on the carbon pricing.

But, what ever dark corner of the business world Brumby’s crawled out of, it is time to shine a light on them, just exactly are we giving our money to when we buy their products.

First up, is their connection with the Liberal Party.
Brumby’s is just one brand / franchise owned by Retail Food Group. RFG was founded by Murray D’Almeida

He has held a variety of Non-Executive positions with the Queensland Branch of the Liberal Party of Australia, both as a member of the Finance Committee and the Queensland State Executive.
Source: here

Is it any surprise that someone that connected to the Liberal Party would be happy with franchise holders risking huge, massive…

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