Wake up, Australia! You’re being brainwashed by the right | Independent Australia

My father used to say:

“If tell someone long enough that they are an idiot they will believe they are.”

(He was condemning those parents who spoke to their children in such a manner.)

You would have to have been living under a mushroom not to notice over the past two years the repetitive slogans and words such as “liar” and “lie” that Abbott et al have repeated ad nauseum in every single Question Time, Parliamentary debate, door stop, TV/radio interview and every press release.

Of course, it is quite deliberate.

But not only that, it is designed.

Conservative think tanks in America have been working on linguistic programming based on neuroscience for the past 40 years in order to “frame” specific wording into their political narrative — in order to brainwash you.

And, oh, how successful they have been.

via Wake up, Australia! You're being brainwashed by the right | Independent Australia.


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