Obama would romp home here

It would be much easier for Barack Obama to be re-elected in Australia than in the United States.

An overwhelming majority of Australians would vote for Obama if they had the chance. Given a hypothetical vote in a UMR online survey 72 per cent favour Obama and a mere 5 per cent Romney*.

We could not find a single Labor voter who would vote for Romney – they went 89 per cent to 0 per cent – but even amongst Coalition voters, 64 per cent go for Obama and 10 per cent Romney.

Slight edge: US president Barack Obama.

Slight edge: US president Barack Obama. Photo: AFP

Australians like Obama a lot more too. He has a handsome 79 per cent ”favourable” versus 14 per cent ”unfavourable” rating from Australians. Fewer have an opinion on Romney but it is breaking decidedly negative at 15 per cent favourable versus 44 per cent unfavourable.


Australians expect Obama to prevail as well: 65 per cent expect an Obama victory and 9 per cent a Romney victory.

via Obama would romp home here.


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