Exceptional article and all true. Re-elect Pres. Obama.

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Of course there is absolutely nothing that will convince The President’s detractors, just how much he has accomplished in three years.

On the other hand, his supporters have watched his progress with pride and awe…

The Washington Monthly – By Paul Glastris, Ryan Cooper, and Siyu Hu

1. Passed Health Care Reform: After five presidents over a century failed to create universal health insurance, signed the Affordable Care Act (2010). It will cover 32 million uninsured Americans beginning in 2014 and mandates a suite of experimental measures to cut health care cost growth, the number one cause of America’s long-term fiscal problems.

2. Passed the Stimulus: Signed $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009 to spur economic growth amid greatest recession since the Great Depression. Weeks after stimulus went into effect, unemployment claims began to subside. Twelve months later, the private sector began producing more jobs than it was losing…

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Smackdown Irish Style: Audio of Irish President Giving a Tea Party Pundit a Piece of His Mind Goes Viral

This is too close to home for republicans. Trus an Irishman to call a spade a spade. American media should take a leaf out of his book.


Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

According to Huffington Post, the following 2010 interview that Michael D. Higgins, the current president of Ireland, did with Boston conservative radio talk show host Michael Graham went viral recently.

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Republicans Look at Gold Standard Comeback

The Financial Times reports that the Republican Party is likely to approve a policy platform that calls for “an audit of Federal Reserve monetary policy and a commission to look at restoring the link between the dollar and gold.”

“The move shows how five years of easy monetary policy – and the efforts of libertarian congressman Ron Paul – have made the once-fringe idea of returning to gold-as-money a legitimate part of Republican debate.”

“Any commission on a return to the gold standard would have to address a host of theoretical, empirical and practical issues. Inflation has remained under control in recent years, despite claims that expansion of the Fed’s balance sheet would lead to runaway price rises, while gold has been highly volatile. The price of the metal is up by more than 500 per cent in dollar terms over the past decade. A return to a fixed money supply would also remove the central bank’s ability to offset demand shocks by varying interest rates. That could mean a more volatile economy and higher average unemployment over time.”

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GOD SAVE AMERICA because the voter won’t. Republicans indeed! Wingnuts all.

Dr. Chris Zepeda-Millan: What a Romney “1950s” Presidency Would Mean for Latinos

Republican Todd Akin’s comment about women’s supposed ability to magically shutdown their vaginas during “legitimate” rapes is only the most recent of a series of outrageous statements made by conservatives about sexual violence against women. Perhaps even worse than the scientifically unsubstantiated claims made by Akin and other members of the GOP are those made by Republicans who actually seem to celebrate rape with statements like, “If it’s inevitable, just relax and enjoy it.”

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5 Best Plants for Your Garden’s Shady Spots : TreeHugger

Mid-August is when gardeners start to get depressed. The best time for the garden is over and all its failings are starting to show. Like the shade areas: these are always tricky. But for next year, forget about jamming in Impatiens and instead think shade perennials that will grow slowly, spread on their own, and last and last.

Shade perennials are less showy, more subtle. They are all about appreciating different shades (!) of green, different textures and shapes. And don’t forget: now is the best time to buy them. They are on sale at most nurseries, and if planted now, will have time to establish themselves over the winter.

Here are five of the best.

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Americans Throw Away 40 Percent of Our Food Every Day – National – The Atlantic Wire

A new study says that the American food chain is so wasteful that roughly 40 percent of all our food goes uneaten, because we basically just throw it in the garbage. The report, which was issued by the National Resources Defense Council (via Reuters), looks at inefficiencies throughout our entire food production system — from the farm to stores to homes and restaurants — and finds that Americans throw out about $165 billion worth of food every year, or 20 pounds of food per person per month. That doesn’t include the water used in the growing and production of wasted food (about one quarter of all our freshwater consumption), the cost to transport it, put it on and remove it from shelves, and the space in takes up in our landfills, where it ends up contributing 25 percent of the methane emissions in the United States.

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Second Ave. subway blast sends debris eight stories high – NY Daily News

A volcano-like eruption Tuesday spewed chunks of concrete and bedrock as high as eight stories when an underground dynamite blast on the Second Ave. subway project went stunningly awry.

The eruption happened at 12:45 p.m., turning the intersection of E. 72nd St and Second Ave. into what appeared to be a war zone.

“It was like the finale of a fireworks display, but right there in my face,” said John Wilson, 69, of Wilmington, N.C., who was out exercising a new hip implant when the explosion happened.

Miraculously, no one was injured by the subterranean mishap that left a crater in the fenced-off construction site on the northwest corner of the intersection.

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Craig Murray and Tariq Ali Speak In Support of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Outside Ecuadorean Embassay


See Craig Murray, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, and writer and activist Tariq Ali, speak outside the Ecuadorean embassy, where WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange spoke Sunday.

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