Australian cure for a Dutch disease | Jackson Hewett | Commentary | Business Spectator

Megan Clark, the chief executive of CSIRO, was talking to one of her Chinese research colleagues and she asked him why China was putting so much effort into partnering with Australia, given the opportunities they would have with much larger research nations like the US, Germany and Japan.

Clark says he looked at her with puzzlement, “we’ve done our numbers”, he said “and by 2050 you will be the richest nation per capita country in the world, you can feed yourself, you have abundant energy resources, and you have an educated population which means you will be able to innovate”. Then, Clark says, the Chinese scientist looked at her as if to say “have you not realised this about yourself already?”

It was an ‘aha’ moment for Clark and it should be for all Australians.

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repubs on the wane??

As the votes from the 2012 election have trickled in, the size of President Obama’s victory has grown – it’s now more than 4 million votes.

That count should signify two things to Republicans who wanted to portray President Obama’s win as a squeaker. One, while this margin is no mandate, it is bigger than either of George W. Bush’s presidential wins in 2000 (in which he actually lost the popular vote) or 2004. Two, despite some GOP critiques that Mr. Obama won by capturing small slices of the electorate, the net result was a pretty broad win

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GAO: Guantanamo can now be closed safely | The Raw Story

The Department of Defense and the Department of Justice together have more than enough prison space within the United States to safely and securely house the remaining 166 prisoners currently held in Guantanamo Bay, according to a new report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

The report (PDF), commissioned by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), details a clear road map to accomplishing President Barack Obama’s longtime goal of shuttering the controversial military facility.

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Links between climate change and population growth | GlobalPost

As people along the East Coast struggle to recover from super storm Sandy, there has been serious talk of building giant floodgates to protect parts of New York City from the next such event.

Giant floodgates might be part of a long-term solution, but we need to find others that address the looming consequences of climate change, and recognize that family planning is part of the mix.

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Farmers get help to keep cows cool – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Victorian dairy farmers are being urged to do all they can to keep their cattle cool as hot humid conditions cross the state.

Temperatures are forecast to hit over 40C, at Mildura, in the north-east, to 38C in Melbourne.

Dairy Australia has a cool cows website that gives farmers advice on how to prevent heat stress and a loss of milk production in their herd.

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The Republican Island of Tasmania | Independent Australia

n October 2012, they announced they were starting a new campaign for an Australian republic. The rebranded website described the purpose to the new campaign:

‘We want to get Australians talking about us, our country – and the future we will share, together. This campaign is about our identity, as Australians, the way we see ourselves and the way we want to be seen.’

The purpose of the new campaign is to get Australians talking about our identity and asking, “Who do we want to be?” It’s about seeking to build a consensus about our identity that can include all Australians. A republic is for all of us. It’s about Australia, our identity and our place in the world.

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Large Hadron Collider May Have Produced New Matter | TPM Idea Lab

2inShareshareCarl Franzen November 27, 2012, 2:24 PM 22913The Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator and the “Big Bang machine” that was used to discover what appears to be the long-sought Higgs boson particle as announced July 4, may have another surprise up its sleeve this year: The LHC looks to have produced a new type of matter, according to a new analysis of particle collision data by scientists at the LHC’s Compact Muon Solenoid CMS collaboration, including researchers at MIT and Rice University.The new type of matter, which has yet to be verified, is theorized to be one of two possible forms: Either “color-glass condensate” — a flattened nucleus transformed into a “wall” of gluons, which are smaller binding subatomic particles, or it could be “quark-gluon plasma,” a dense, soup or liquid-like collection of individual particles.

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Snoopy Sloop: the unmanned toy boat attempting Atlantic crossing – Telegraph

It sounds like an unlikely conqueror of the Atlantic – only 4ft long, weighing just 30lbs and held together in parts by bathroom light cord.But this week a toy boat called Snoopy Sloop will follow in the wake of Transatlantic pioneers like Christopher Columbus when it attempts to become the first craft to make an unmanned crossing of the ocean.Its creator Robin Lovelock, a retired Nato scientist, has spent four years developing a craft he believes can survive the 6,000 mile journey.

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Ready for my closeup: camera traps bring home the wild

For 60 years Sir David Attenborough has brought the “extraordinary” of far off lands closer to home. In some aspects, Sir Dave has brought it so close that the only experiences you miss from not travelling there yourself are lost baggage and jet-lag. Now, as we plunge into Science 2.0 we are about to get much closer to the wild.

Over the past couple of decades, ecologists have increasingly used automated bio-monitoring equipment, such as remote cameras and acoustic recorders, to research wildlife. Reptiles, mammals and even insects can be monitored via remote cameras. Couple this with acoustic recorders that detect birds, bats and whales and basically no animal can hide.

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Finlands biggest chemical catastrophe in history | Greenpeace International

Greenpeace Finland is bearing witness and taking samples at a toxic spill that began on Sunday in the north of the country. The Talvivaara metal mine, owned and operated by Talvivaara Mining Company plc, has been leaking water containing high concentrations of nickel and uranium at a rate of between 5000-6000 cubic metres an hour. It is believed that the leak took place when the mine’s waste-water pool was breached on Sunday.

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