Israel’s List of Friends Keeps Getting Shorter – Bloomberg

When I made an appointment to see Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard last week, I hoped we would spend most of our time discussing her new effort to better integrate her country into Asia.About Jeffrey Goldberg»Jeffrey Goldberg, a national correspondent for the Atlantic, is the author of “Prisoners: A Story of Friendship … MOREFOLLOW ON TWITTERMore from Jeffrey Goldberg:How Palestinians Can Finally Achieve IndependenceQSeven Truths About Israel, Hamas and ViolenceQAmong the Syrian Rebels, Heartbreak and BloodQGillard’s pivot toward Asia, much like U.S. President Barack Obama’s, reflects the self-evident truth that China and its neighbors are her country’s biggest markets and the source of many of its new immigrants. Now the pivot has been paralyzed midrotation by events from that most unpromising corner of the world, the Middle East.I saw Gillard in Canberra after one of her rougher weeks as prime minister. She was already being shellacked by the opposition, and by much of the news media, for her alleged involvement in a union scandal, the details of which are so convoluted that it is impossible for an outsider such as myself to discern exactly what she is accused of doing. Suffice it to say the scandal has a Whitewater quality to it, just as Gillard has a certain pugnacious Hillary Clinton quality about her.

via Israel’s List of Friends Keeps Getting Shorter – Bloomberg.


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