The Final Stretch of the Doha Climate Talks | Brookings Institution

Delegates to the 18th Annual United Nations Conference of Parties COP on climate change have so far spent over a week in Doha, Qatar but have made only slow and small progress. This inching result contrasts disconcertingly with recent reports indicating, on the one hand, that our earlier estimates of the severity of climate change may have been overly sanguine as outlined by the World Bank in its Turn Down the Heat report; and, on the other, that global greenhouse gas emissions have continued increasing—seemingly inexorably shown in analysis by the Global Carbon Project.Negotiations have focused on a number of distinct tracks see Doha Climate Conference: Key Issues Up for Negotiation, though none of them have been resolved over the first week. As ministers arrive toward the end of the session, pressure may build for conclusion on a few items. Three items, in particular, have attracted attention:

via The Final Stretch of the Doha Climate Talks | Brookings Institution.


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