There’s more to the Tarkine than trees

Tasmania’s Tarkine is now instantly recognisable, evoking ancient forests and environmental controversy. It hasn’t always been so, however, with research and celebration building over the past 40 years, as people come to understand its importance as a place, wilderness and habitat.

History of an idea

In 1967, in response to ongoing development pressure, the Circular Head Council enlisted volunteers to prepare a case for a Norfolk Range National Park. The volunteers proposed an area of 38,850 ha of the Norfolk Range and southern Tarkine coast.

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I love this idea. When is it coming to store in Australia?


Pratt University master’s candidate Aaron Mickelson refers to himself as a “nerdy designer.” I am just going to assume that’s humblebrag for “I actually did something useful at art school,” because Mickelson’s thesis involves creating prototypes that would eliminate or greatly reduce packaging in five popular and overly packaged products. Instead of being shoved inside needless extra boxes and bags, Mickelson’s product designs use the product itself as the package.

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I use microsoft but I don’t love it – never wiil – but google chrome, love it.


Joachim Kempin has some ideas about how Microsoft (s msft), his former employer, can achieve greatness again and they go beyond his already widely publicized call for the company to deep-six CEO Steve Ballmer.

Kempin, who left Microsoft in 2002, was the exec who ran the company’s cash cow OEM business. He was the guy who cut the deals with hardware makers who bundled Microsoft Windows and Office on their machines. Those negotiations were by most accounts joachim kempinbrutal, leaving hardware partners like Dell and HP reeling. They also led some to call Kempin Microsoft’s Dark AngelAnd now he’s peddling a book on Microsoft and is penning a series of blogs for ReadWrite.

Here are the some of his suggestions for Microsoft from his first post:

1: Microsoft needs a tech guru. 

Kempin writes:

“The company needs a bold and charismatic executive with bona fide technical credentials to head all…

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The facts won’t speak for themselves – The Drum – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The left may have a host of number crunchers, graph bloggers and fact checkers, but as the conservative political machine knows best, you don’t need the truth on your side to win an argument, writes Jonathan Green.

The conventional wisdom has it (a wisdom somewhat sensitive to the aspirations of Labor, it must be said) that the ALP’s great electoral deficiency lies in its inability to sell a compelling message.

If only, the argument goes, the Australian voting public could glimpse the abundant good works of this Government. If it could but feel the width of the legislation, the solidity of the economic management, the vaulting agenda of constructive social reform … if voters could truly see these things, how could they contemplate any vote other than a Julia Gillard vote?

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So beautiful and touching….read…love…be kind to each other.

Emma's Hope Book

Dearest One,

When you were first born I had an idea about you, it was an idea I have come back to, all these years later, it was an idea that was more right than wrong.  You were very much your own person right from that first moment you drew breath.  I remember marveling at your strength and independence.  I knew almost nothing about autism.  I hadn’t taken the idea of independence and remolded it as “autism” yet, only to rework that idea back to its original concept later.  I saw you and appreciated you for who I saw you to be.  Defiant, independent, strong, determined and silly.  Even as a baby you loved to laugh and appreciated silliness in all its various forms.  You loved playing peek-a-boo and being thrown in the air.  Those first eighteen months, before I knew words like “vestibular”, “proprioceptive”, “stimming”, “perseverative”, “echolalia” and all…

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Too many nutters spoil political broth

Joke of the week

The Queensland government learns 200 dead crows have been found by a road near Townsville, and are alarmed that it might be avian flu. Mercifully, an expert examines the remains and determines they have actually died of vehicular impact.

Strangely, he also determines that 98 per cent of the crows had been killed after being hit by trucks and only 2 per cent killed by cars. The state then hires an ornithological behaviouralist to determine why the results are so disproportionate. His report comes back in a week. ”When crows eat roadkill, they always set up a lookout crow in a nearby tree to warn of impending danger. But while the lookout crow could warn the other crows by saying ‘Cah’, he had not yet learnt to call out ‘Truck!”’

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Australian women on top of the world after cricket World Cup victory

Australia’s elite female cricket players are basking in the proof they are the best in the world after sealing their second major international tournament in the past four months.

The Southern Stars’ 114-run victory over the West Indies in the World Cup final on Sunday night in Mumbai allowed them to match England’s feat from 2009-10, when it held both the 50-over and 20-over tournaments. It was the sixth time the Stars have won the 50-over World Cup.

A goal of ours is to be the number-one in both formats. I think our record speaks for itself.

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