Extinct frog hops back into the gene pool

In what may be considered an early Easter miracle, an extinct species of native frog has begun its rise from the dead.

Australian scientists have grown embryos containing the revived DNA of the extinct gastric-brooding frog, the crucial first step in their attempt to bring a species back to life.

The team from the aptly named Lazarus project inserted the dead genetic material of the extinct amphibian into the donor eggs of another species of living frog, a process similar to the technique used to create the cloned sheep Dolly. The eggs continued to grow into three-day-old embryos, known as blastulas.

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I would be calling this great news of the day. We really need our frogs back.


Life of 3.14159… › Bernie’s Basics (ABC Science)

Most of us know that Pi (or π) has something to do with circles — or a guy in a boat with a tiger. But what’s grade 4 maths got to do with high-end physics?

Pretty-much everything. Pi is in the circumference and area of every circle, and in the volume of every sphere too. And from planets to force fields there’s no shortage of those shapes in nature — so it’s not surprising that Pi turns up in equations describing orbits, rotation and the strength of fields that spread out in all directions.

But the real kicker — the reason Pi goes viral in physics — is because it’s in every circular movement too. And in every movement that could pass for circular in the right light — like waves. From subatomic particles to cosmic background radiation there’s not a lot that doesn’t move in waves, so Pi’s there from one scale of the universe to the other.

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Argentines Weep and Pray to Celebrate Appointment of Pope – Bloomberg

Argentines thronged Buenos Aires’s cathedral in central Plaza de Mayo square, where some knelt to pray and others wept for joy, after Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was named the first non-European pope in over 1,200 years.“This is a sign from God for Latin America,” said Ramiro Arnulphi, a 23-year-old law student from the western province of Mendoza, as drivers blew car horns in celebration. “I came to thank God for this blessing for Argentina and the world.”

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Wet weather creates perfect conditions for fruit flies | Daily News

IF you’ve spotted cups of vinegar lying around local businesses, here’s why.Fruit flies are on the up, with numbers skyrocketing in recent weeks due to wet weather and humidity promoting perfect breeding conditions.Cafes, fruit stores and other businesses selling food are tackling the problem with an apple cider vinegar mixed with dishwashing soap, providing a simple trap for the nasty critters.Jenni Aston from Tweed’s Evergreen Pest Management said to make sure all food scraps were placed outside

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Get Small | Grist

Humans might adapt to climate change through some mixture of mitigation, adaptation, and suffering (like relocating Coney Island several miles into interior Brooklyn, or saying goodbye to chocolate). But the animal kingdom? Many species are already coping with rising temperatures by physically getting smaller [$ub req].

The reasons are complex and vary between species, but the CliffsNotes version is this:

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Investors Embrace Climate Change, Chase Hotter Profits – Bloomberg

Investing in climate change used to mean financing the fight against global warming. Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., and other firms took stakes in wind farms and tidal-energy projects, and set up carbon-trading desks.

Enlarge image Investors Sold on Climate Change Seek Profits as Earth Warms

A worker cuts sugarcane in Goianesia, about 135 miles from Brasilia, Brazil, in this file photo. Photographer: Adriano Machado/Bloomberg

Enlarge image Investors Sold on Climate Change Seek Profits as Earth Warms

A parched dry bed in the Khadaghoda Sector in the Little Rann of Kutch, some 160 kms from Ahmedabad, India. Photographer: Sam Panthaky/AFP via Getty Images

Then, as efforts to curb greenhouse-gas emissions faltered, the appeal of clean tech dimmed: Venture capital and private- equity investments fell 34 percent last year, to $5.8 billion, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Now the smart money is taking another approach: Working under the assumption that climate change is inevitable, Wall Street firms are investing in businesses that will profit as the planet gets hotter.

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Surf’s way, way up: Sea-level rise, explained | Grist

Close your eyes and imagine yourself at your favorite beach. Swells rise around your tanned hips. A bottle of beer and a joint are held safe and dry above your head. You’re sporting a revealing little bathing suit over a younger version of your hot self, airbrushed to perfection using the power of imagination. And there are no cops around to spoil the fun.

Now imagine what that beach would look like if the water was 15 feet higher. Your beer and your ganja are now full of saltwater, and you’re struggling just to keep your head above the waves. Unless your favorite beach is at the bottom of a cliff, nearby buildings are under water, taken over by invasive communities of pineapple-dwelling, square pants-wearing sponges.

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Time Zones in Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the most interesting places in the world when it comes to keeping time. Technically, Antarctica, and the North Pole, fall under all time zones currently followed by the rest of the world. This is because the longitude lines that are used to define time zones all meet at the two poles.

Antarctica, therefore, not only has 24 time zones, but there is at least one point – the South Pole – where a clock synchronized to the time in any part of the world will be correct.

All the time in the world

While adopting any of the 24 standard time zones (UTC+/-n) or the two non standard time zones (UTC+/- n:30, UTC +/- n:45) would be an appropriate way of keeping time in Antarctica

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Wet weather sees Mount Warning National Park closed | Daily News

HEAVY wet weather has closed all the national parks in the area incuding the beautiful Wollumbin trek up Mt Warning.

The summit track, along with many of the parks in the region, is closed due to the damage caused the the ex tropical cyclone Oswald and compounded by recent rain.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) spokesperson Lawrence Orel said this included the Wollumbin summit track which was blocked by fallen timber and slips.

“Due to the extensive nature of the damage it is expected that the track may not re-open for some months,” he said.

“People are reminded for their own safety and that of others to be patient and observe the temporary closure signs.”

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