Computer Woes

Just a great little poem written by a great guy Ian Grice.


computer wiring

Pressed the button one two times
Wait to hear computer chimes,
Screen is blank, no noises heard
Another press, that makes it third.

Check the battery in the mouse,
Look for spares around the house,
Next the keyboard power light
Dust inside unseemly sight!

Power sockets in their place,
Tangled wires great disgrace,
Cables fitted look alright
Feel the couplings out of sight.

Now take manual from the rack
Thousand pages front to back,
Many languages are there,
Is English hiding out somewhere?

Index ten, subtitle six:
“Nothing works, you’re in a fix!
Check with helpdesk overseas
But only when we’re open please!”

Now my tested patience leaves
Out the door the manual heaves;
Then I hear my wife’s loud shout,
“Did you know our power’s out?”

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2013, all rights reserved”

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