Take 2

Black History 360*

Opnamedatum: 2010-09-29

Our outrage is late. With 4 million street interrogations since 2002, New York’s Stop and Frisk has more direct impact on citizen’s lives than the 1800+ FISA requests (although any overreach undermines civil liberties!). From Atlanta to Los Angeles, police have shot grandmothers and grandchildren, breaking down wrong doors in their zeal to stop threats against the social order. Further back, 7000 Japanese-Americans were put in interment camps as security threats.

The responses to the Occupy Movement in video after video shows rampant abuse of police powers, inflicting physical harm to non-violent protesters exercising the right of assembly.

Look at the continued push to abridge voting rights; in the last election, World War Two veterans were denied the right to vote on their veteran’s cards.

Arizona and other states have versions of probable cause being “driving while Hispanic.”

Lurching from issue to issue, the sight of the bigger picture is…

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  1. southernperlo · June 17, 2013

    Thanks deeply for sharing my work with your readers. You are always invited repost any blogs of interest!

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