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Opnamedatum: 2010-09-29

Our outrage is late. With 4 million street interrogations since 2002, New York’s Stop and Frisk has more direct impact on citizen’s lives than the 1800+ FISA requests (although any overreach undermines civil liberties!). From Atlanta to Los Angeles, police have shot grandmothers and grandchildren, breaking down wrong doors in their zeal to stop threats against the social order. Further back, 7000 Japanese-Americans were put in interment camps as security threats.

The responses to the Occupy Movement in video after video shows rampant abuse of police powers, inflicting physical harm to non-violent protesters exercising the right of assembly.

Look at the continued push to abridge voting rights; in the last election, World War Two veterans were denied the right to vote on their veteran’s cards.

Arizona and other states have versions of probable cause being “driving while Hispanic.”

Lurching from issue to issue, the sight of the bigger picture is…

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NASA – NASA’s IRIS Mission to Launch in June

Lying just above the sun’s surface is an enigmatic region of the solar atmosphere called the interface region. A relatively thin region, just 3,000 to 6,000 miles thick, it pulses with movement: Zones of different temperature and density are scattered throughout, while energy and heat course through the solar material.

Understanding how the energy travels through this region – energy that helps heat the upper layer of the atmosphere, the corona, to temperatures of 1 million kelvins (about 1.8 million F), some thousand times hotter than the sun’s surface itself – is the goal of NASA’s Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph, or IRIS, scheduled to launch on June 26, 2013, from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base.

via NASA – NASA’s IRIS Mission to Launch in June.

Dione to Join the List of Moons with Underground Oceans?

I love this wondrous universe.

Earth may display its seas on its surface for all the Universe to see, but further out in the Solar System liquid oceans are kept discreetly under wraps, hidden beneath cratered surfaces of ice and rock. And while Saturn’s moon Enceladus sprays its salty subsurface ocean out into space, other moons are less ostentatious — Europa, Ganymede, Titan… all are thought to have considerable underground oceans of liquid water, based on measurements of their mass, density, and shape.

Now, scientists are suggesting that Saturn’s 700-mile-wide moon Dione may also have a subsurface ocean… and may have even once exhibited icy geysers like its smaller sibling Enceladus.

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Hot Promo: The Newsroom Team Stands Alone

Wonderfully addictive show.


Call it “The Adventures of Will McAvoy, King of the Journalistic Integrity Desert.”

Before teeing up what portends to be Game of Thrones‘ huuuuge penultimate Season 3 episode, HBO on Sunday night premiered a new promo for The Newsroom‘s sophomore run.

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Scored by Tom Odell’s “Can’t Pretend,” the teaser finds Jeff Daniels’ stalwart news anchor touring a desert plain, where he encounters, one by one, other members of the ACN cable news family.

The video closes with the group standing before a television set, with the tagline, “Together, They Stand Alone.”

Did the arid promo whet your appetite for the acclaimed drama’s return on July 14?

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