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Effective biosecurity protects Australias environment and industries, but managing risk is an uncertain business. Thats why we need statistics, writes Simon Barry.Slideshow: Photo 1 of 3Number one pest: have red foxes been eliminated in Tasmania? iStockphoto: ronworkmanRelated StoriesThe mite that could kill our bees, Science Online, 23 Oct 2008Australias battle with the bunny, Science Online, 08 Apr 2009Introduced pests: photo gallery, Introduced pests: photo galleryAustralias physical isolation has fostered the development of an amazing diversity of unique plants and animals, and has protected us from many serious pests and diseases that circulate around the world.But we are also a nation of traders — our prosperity is built on the import and export of goods and services.

via Battling pests by the numbers › Opinion ABC Science.


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  1. jane · July 18, 2013

    The FTA that the Howard government “negotiated” with the US left us in danger of letting a lot more pests into this country. It has also been a dud.

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