DansPhotoArt’s photostream

Hummingbird and Honey Bees_DSC1687Hummingbird and Penta Flowers_DSC0118Hummingbird Feeding on Salvia_DSC3015Hummingbird Feeding on Lantana_DSC3379Goldfinch Perched in the Garden_DSC8085Hummingbird In Flight_DSC5033
Hummingbird Feeding on Salvia_DSC0196Hummingbird in the Garden_DSC0319Hummingbird Perched in the Garden_DSC3001Ooops I Fell Off_DSC7454Hummingbird and Morning Glory_DSC1124Juvenile Hummingbird Flying in the Garden_DSC1300
Hummingbird in Flight_DSC0692Male Hummingbird Perched in the Garden_DSC1111Titmouse Perched in the Rain_DSC3049Hummingbird with Pollen _DSC3505Hummingbird In Flight_DSC6986Hummingbird and Plumbago_DSC7655
Hummingbird and Lantana_DSC2441Tawny Eagle in Flight_DSC0927Hummingbird in the Garden_DSC9337Hummingbird and Petunias_DSC8348Hummingbird Perched in the Garden_DSC9374Hummingbird in the Garden_DSC0030

Just a beautiful set of photos.


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