Analysis: Obama not afraid to use military force, doesn’t want to rush to judgment

I agree with the one female panelist.

The Lead with Jake Tapper

One of the fiercest critics of the president’s decision on Syria may be Frederic Hof, former Ambassador to Syria under the Obama administration.

“The events of the past ten days suggest that there was no administration forethought to the possibility of a major chemical incident in Syria; there was no plan in place to respond to a major chemical attack by a regime that had already demonstrated its deep and abiding contempt for the president and his red lines. The results of this mystifying lack of preparedness have been abysmal,” Hof said Sunday.

“Mr. Hof is making a silly argument here,” said Jeremy Bash, who was chief of staff to former Defense Secretary and CIA Director Leon Panetta. “From the get-go the president has been clear: Assad’s use of chemical weapons on a large scale is a hideous crime, it crosses a red line, and we’ve got to respond.”

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