The grackles are coming, the grackles are coming! They are not spreading as quickly as the Eurasian Collared-Dove, but they are moving west and north. Once confined largely to the desert southwest, this species is found across the southern Great Plains and along much of the length of California. They are not afraid of modest heights as they are now common around Las Vegas which is at about 2200 feet elevation, higher than the Rogue Valley. Also, they’ve been regular if uncommon in Harney County, Oregon, which is above 4000 feet in most parts.
Here are my first photos from Emigrant Lake where the Kreismans got the first photos last month (on an earlier blog here).GTG STRUT



GTG-FML This bird without the glossy black plumage is a female GT Grackle. These birds are close relatives of other blackbirds and cousins of the meadowlark and orioles. This is the Icterid family, found only…

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