Space Images: Titan’s North – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

This colorized mosaic from NASA\’s Cassini mission shows the most complete view yet of Titan\’s northern land of lakes and seas. Saturn\’s moon Titan is the only world in our solar system other than Earth that has stable liquid on its surface. The liquid in Titan\’s lakes and seas is mostly methane and ethane.

The data were obtained by Cassini\’s radar instrument from 2004 to 2013. In this projection, the north pole is at the center. The view extends down to 50 degrees north latitude. In this color scheme, liquids appear blue and black depending on the way the radar bounced off the surface. Land areas appear yellow to white. A haze was added to simulate the Titan atmosphere.

via Space Images: Titan’s North – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


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  1. fauziahmadsyahreza · July 1


    After a month of journey I’m finally back home, it was a lovely journey, and I’m safe and sound))) Please read more about my adventures here

    Hugs, fauziahmad.syahreza

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