Budget is one for the Coalition’s true believers

Broken promises mask Abbott’s real intent

In a sense, the noise from the budget’s broken promises on a wide range of issues obscures the great big issue at the heart of Joe Hockey’s “lifters not leaners” budget (‘‘Hockey hurts his way into history’’, May 14).

Despite some grumbles, Australians have always leaned towards the benign view that government is there to underpin the welfare of individuals within our society: a view of the common good. The government is attempting to change this narrative dramatically to a view that the common good relates only to nuts and bolts issues such as infrastructure, that apart from this, government is leeching off us and damaging individual interests.

This deliberate erosion of this historic concept of our society has been dropped on us as a total surprise, the greatest broken promise from “no surprises” Tony Abbott. Now I wait with trepidation to see whether we, the Australian people, meekly acquiesce to this startling change in our very way of looking at the world.

via Budget is one for the Coalition’s true believers.

By Elizabeth Tout….letters to editor.


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