Warm May makes plants think it’s spring

Record late-autumn warmth is sending plant growth into spring-like behaviour, affecting fruit growers and city gardeners alike.

Rather than shutting down as winter approaches, many plants are flowering out of season or extending growth much later than usual, said Brett Summerell, deputy executive director of Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens.

At the gardens, vegetables such as tomatoes, crops such as corn, and even the humble glass blade continue to flourish, diverting staff to mowing and other duties.

via Warm May makes plants think it’s spring.


One comment

  1. ianscyberspace · May 22, 2014

    We are grateful for the continuing flowers in our pot plants outside. I guess climate change has a few side benefits. I believe they are growing market gardens in Greenland now. Maybe we will get ocean views in our inland resort if I live long enough?

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