This list is stunning.

Frances Jones

The Liberal Party does not want a Federal ICAC and this is why. The connections are so complex between lobbyists and the Liberal Party. Many of these men in powerful positions send their children to private schools and invest and/or work in ethically dubious companies. The environment is not a concern to them. The NSW ICAC is absolutely wonderful, it’s the only thing keeping the “Mediterranean men” and their Catholic mates in check. They seem to believe that they have a God-given right to destroy our precious natural resources to make themselves and their mates rich. Their Catholic belief system could not care less for the environment. It’s all about making their Liberal mates and the Church richer.


The Australian Government Lobbyists Register includes lobbyists and the companies that they lobby:


This is the list of lobbyists:


This is the list of their clients:



Lobbyist Barton…

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