wwf – Borneo’s wildlife

Found only in Borneo Borneo is estimated to be home to more than around 210 mammal species including 44 endemic – meaning they are not found anywhere else in the world, 420 birds 37 endemic, 100 amphibians and 394 fish 19 endemic. Just in the 220,000 km2 region in the mountainous centre of the island known as the Heart of Borneo, there are 10 primate species, over 350 bird species, and 150 reptile and amphibian species.At least 15,000 plant species, of which over 5,000 are endemic and exist nowhere else in the world, can be found in the swamps, mangroves, and lowland and montane forests of the island. The Heart of Borneo is home to around 10,000 of these.

via wwf – Borneo’s wildlife.


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  1. ianscyberspace · September 4, 2014

    Borneo under its various names and nationalities is largely undeveloped still though I did see some evidence of western influence flying into a jungle strip in the centre. While there were no roads as we understand it they had motorcycles to negotiate the jungle paths.

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