Canadian Story To Be Shared Internationally


By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

This story appeared and published by Vancouver Sun, dated November 12, 2014.

Thank you Vancouver Sun for sharing and it is a story to be told internationally.  Mr. Richard Brunt, thank you for sharing us your realistic view and observations.

“The reaction is right off the Richter scale,” Brunt said Tuesday. “People are phoning and emailing me. I had no idea it would even get published. I had to shut down my Twitter account.”

“When you are done with Obama, can you send him our way?”

Canadian Story - Obama VancouverSun Credits: Victoria’s Richard Brunt thought a handful of people would read his short letter to a U.S. newspaper asking Americans why they oppose the Obama presidency. Photograph by: Screengrab , Via Victoria Times Colonist

Brunt said he was inspired to write the letter because of an article in the Detroit paper. “I was…

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