Spend Your Black Friday Funds Helping Crowdfund A Mission To The Moon

I just might put some money in if I had another million!


You have enough towels already. And owning more gadgets just means more under-utilized stuff gathering accusatory dust. So why not spend the Black Friday funds you’d set aside to spend on sales tomorrow helping to crowdfund a mission to The Moon instead?

Yes, this is one very ambitious crowdfunding mission — with an estimated delivery schedule of, ooooh, a decade hence. You really gotta respect a Kickstarter that lays out a 10-year delivery plan.

But this is not the average crowdfunding project, trying to drum up interest in a better kind of butter knife or a remote controlled cat toy. This is *science* that’s hoping to be majority-funded by public interest in space exploration.

Governments aren’t overly keen on stumping up the cash to burn rockets into space these days, so getting the public to club together might be the best way to push forward space exploration. It’s either that or letting corporate mega-billionaires burn mountains of their own money trying to lift their egos into the…

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