8 more things you should know about great white sharks › Science Features (ABC Science)

Before the mid-1970s, these incredible predators were known simply as white sharks or white pointers in Australia. The name ‘great white’ was popularised globally in the movie Jaws in 1975. And it’s stuck.

After millions of years of evolutionary fine-tuning they’ve probably earned the title!

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Monster black hole from early cosmos challenges physics › News in Science (ABC Science)

The discovery of a supermassive black hole from the early cosmos is set to rewrite physics, say scientists.An international team of astronomers detected a black hole 12 billion times the mass of our Sun, they report today in the journal Nature .The black hole, which formed just 900 million years after the Big Bang, is the source of a powerful beam of bright material known as a quasar.”When we found this supermassive black hole we got very excited because we had found something that we never thought we could find,” says Dr Fuyan Bian of the Australian National University.The team, led by Xue-Bing Wu at Peking University, discovered the black hole and quasar — known as SDSS JO100+2802 — using the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, then followed up with three other telescopes.With a luminosity of 420 trillion that of our Sun’s, the new quasar is seven times brighter than the most distant quasar known.

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Spark Electron wants to make cellular connectivity easy as Wi-Fi


Spark Labs is coming back to Kickstarter with a new project and a mission to change how cellular carriers think about the internet of things. The company, which launched a popular Wi-Fi development board for the internet of things almost two years ago on Kickstarter, is back raising money for a cellular development board called the Electron.

For $39 or $59, respectively, developers can get 2G or 3G-capable board as well as the software and back end cloud service that Spark offers. Add to this $2.99 per month for the data plan and now people building connected products have a new option available that lets them take their devices outside the realm of Wi-Fi networks. Zach Supalla, the CEO of Spark, explained that after the launch of the Spark Core board and the Photon, a postage-stamp sized Wi-Fi development kit, he asked customers what they wanted. Many of…

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Libby Hall’s Dogs Of Old London | Spitalfields Life

Sometimes in London, I think I hear a lone dog barking in the distance and I wonder if it is an echo from another street or a yard. Sometimes in London, I wake late in the night and hear a dog calling out to me on the wind, in the dark silent city of my dreaming. What is this yelp I believe I hear in London, dis-embodied and far away? Is it the sound of the dogs of old London – the guard dogs, the lap dogs, the stray dogs, the police dogs, the performing dogs, the dogs of the blind, the dogs of the ratcatchers, the dogs of the watermen, the cadaver dogs, the mutts, the mongrels, the curs, the hounds and the puppies?

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