Mr Hockey’s plans for $1.6 trillion of government debt

The Abbott government has no intention of ever repaying government debt. None. It has, quite quietly, announced that it plans to keep borrowing so that government debt remains at 13 per cent of GDP right out to at least 2054-55 which means government debt will be $1.6 trillion. Yes $1.6 trillion of government debt.

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This Indian Village Plants 111 Trees Every Time a Girl Is Born – NationofChange

In a country where male children are still favored over females, Piplantri village in Rajasthan offers a refreshing and modern perspective. The endearing village embraces its daughters and has even created a tradition that benefits both the local people and the planet every time a girl is born.To save its daughters and create a greener planet, the community of Piplantri village plants 111 trees every time a girl comes into the world.

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We recognise words like we do faces › News in Science (ABC Science)

Experienced readers recognise whole words in much the same way we recognise a face, according to scientists who have observed the changes in brain scans that occur as a new word is added to our ‘visual dictionary’.

The work might lead to better ways to teach reading to people with hearing difficulties or dyslexia, say the authors, from Georgetown University Medical Centre, Washington, D.C, USA, writing in the Journal of Neuroscience.

The visual dictionary (officially known as the ‘visual word form area’) lies on the left side of the brain in the fusiform gyrus: the side normally involved in processing language. Interestingly, the fusiform gyrus on the right side of the brain is important in recognising faces.

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Fishermen discuss warming waters in this lovely short film | Grist

When you are tired of talking to climate deniers, it can be a relief to hear from a fisherman instead.

“The waters are changing,” says Michigan fisherman Ed John in this short, moody video that follows a Native couple fishing the Great Lakes. “We’ve got algae, we’ve got invasive species, we got all of these pollutants we don’t know about going into the water.”

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Have the Best-Laid Plans of MarsOne Finally Gone Awry?

Lights in the Dark

MarsOne fadeMarsOne’s red planet promises may be fading away in the light of one candidate’s experiences with the company.

Just one month after the announcement of the 100 “finalists” selected by MarsOne – a Dutch nonprofit company that’s promising to establish a permanent colony on the Red Planet by 2025 – a scathing exposé has been published online that reveals some of the behind-the-scenes processes that have been going on for applicants, as described by selected finalist Dr. Joseph Roche, who happens to be an astrophysicist and assistant professor at Trinity College’s School of Education in Dublin, Ireland.

In fact, based on the article in Medium, it not only sounds like MarsOne will be unable to deliver on their promises in any reasonable fashion – they may even be a fraud. (A suggested donation of 75% of any interviewees’ profits to the company??)

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Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus (2)

In the city of Mumbai I became acquainted with a very remarkable personality. While I’d like to share his name with you, prudence dictates that I refer to him as Ahmed. As his name suggests, he was a follower of The Prophet, and a very devoted one at that. Ahmed supported, and took an active interest in more charitable enterprises than I’ve seen any other single individual sponsor. He had a particular interest in creating job opportunities for downtrodden peoples, and it was of scant interest to him if the needy were labeled Moslem, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu. Need qualified any one for his help.

In addition to his own considerable charitable enterprises, Ahmed found time to get involved in organization and support of educational and healthcare institutions sponsored by foreign organizations. It was in this connection that I first met him. He was a regular donor to our annual…

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Travel Trip Journey: Barehipani Waterfall India

India has some of the best and most attractive waterfalls in the world. Every state has its very own show piece, making it dynamic to enlist the waterfalls in every state. So, you never know when you may plan a trip and having this information ready could prove handy. Barehipani Falls is a two tiered waterfall located in Simlipal National Park in Mayurbhanj district in the Indian state of Odisha.

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12 fascinating optical illusions show how color can trick the eye – The Washington Post

The Internet erupted in an energetic debate yesterday about whether an ugly dress was blue and black or white and gold, with celebrities from Anna Kendrick (white) to Taylor Swift (black) weighing in. (For the record, I’m with Taylor – never a bad camp to be in.)

It sounds inane, but the dress question was actually tricky: Some declared themselves firmly in the blue and black camp, only to have the dress appear white and gold when they looked back a few hours later.

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