Brown, “Neo-Liberalism and the End of Liberal Democracy”

Bibliography of my Life

Wendy Brown, “Neo-Liberalism and the End of Liberal Democracy.” Theory & Event 7:1 (2003)


In this essay, Brown argues that definitions of neoliberalism frequently obscure what is new or “neo” about this system and ignore the way neoliberalism undercuts and erodes democratic institutions in places like the US. She argues that neoliberalism has significant political implications precisely because it is bigger than a set of economic policies. According to Brown, the logic of neoliberalism extends market values to social practices, institutions, and public policies, essentially emphasizing a new set of values upon which governing decisions are made. Brown argues that this shift is politically significant because the values and logic of neoliberalism are incompatible with the values of liberal democracy, and the political Left needs to be thinking about what this incompatibility might mean for their political landscape.

Brown’s essay is primarily focused on analyzing the political implications of…

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