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In years gone by, the White Ibis that occurs in Australia was considered to be the same species as the birds that were worshipped as Sacred Ibis in ancient Egypt. The Australian White Ibis is now recognised as a separate species, and peoples attitudes towards the species have become a little less reverential. In regional areas they (and Straw-necked Ibis) are sometimes known as the farmers friend, due to their habit of flocking into areas afflicted by plagues of locusts to gorge on the ravaging hordes of insects. Although they are certainly not worshipped in the shires, they are nevertheless appreciated. In urban areas, however, where many Ibis scrounge for a living by scavenging at rubbish tips, and their plumage becomes soiled by refuse, they are sometimes disparagingly referred to as tip turkeys.

via Bird of the Month | BirdLife.

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