Take an interactive tour of the world’s (cutest) vanishing species


The sun bear. The humble sun bear. Bryan James

File this under “superlatives you have never considered awarding before” — here’s the most adorable primer on extinction you’ve ever seen.

A British design firm made the “Species in Pieces” exhibition to showcase 30 “of the world’s most interesting but unfortunately endangered species.” Over a meditatively mournful piano track, the animals assemble and disassemble from a series of animated triangles. Click through, and you get facts about the threats facing each delightful creature, statistics about remaining populations, and videos of the real-life animals swimming or crawling or rolling adorably around.

On the hit list are cuties like the vaquita, a tiny dolphin that lives (for now) in the Gulf of Mexico. Newborns, as the site adorably informs us, are “the size of a loaf of bread,” and constantly look like they’re smiling.

The vaquita.The vaquita.Bryan James

Then there’s the three-banded Brazilian armadillo, just returned from a…

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