Three days in a refuge – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Claire’s quiet apartment in the Chisolm refuge, a sanctuary for women escaping violent relationships, feels a world away from the chaotic household she describes.

“He’d pull me to the ground and strangle me, he’d get on top of me and strangle me. Olivia was standing there screaming, ‘stop daddy stop’…

“Before I met Jack, I thought ‘why do people stay, like just walk out’.”


“The first time where I went ‘something was wrong here’ was four or five months into the relationship,” she says.

“He just woke up, freaked out and smashed my phone, and then he put me on a phone plan under his name … but that was sort of another control. He put a bug on my phone, so he received every text message I got, every phone call he could listen in to.

via Three days in a refuge – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).


  1. ianscyberspace · July 23, 2015

    This is a blight on our Australian culture and needs to be wiped out fast no matter what means are taken to get rid of violence to women or in a few cases men

  2. fauziahmadsyahreza · July 30, 2017


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