Poetry & Performance | Beloved Nature


i came across an elephant tree

in low, hushed tones

she whispered a plea

please take this branch

and draw a circle round me

the people have forgotten who i am, you see

legs to root

grey bark from skin

tusk to trunk

i know who she’s been

remember a time in kenya

long ago

when the elephants circled me

then stilled, as stone

they breathed me

into silent space

nose to tail

their bodies laced

they stopped all time

then stretched it out

until the matriarch lead

with a wave of her snout

it’s time to move on

she sang to her group

and off they went

unhooking the loop

now here i sit

at the foot of this tree

listening to legends

of a great species

who buried the bones

of their dead

in this earth

so they’d turn into trees

when their next life

did birth

via Poetry & Performance | Beloved Nature.

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