Is the drought killing California’s giant sequoias? – LA Times

Sixty feet from the top of a giant sequoia named Kong, biologist Anthony Ambrose studied the foliage around him. Dense clusters of green leaves grew like shaving brushes from the branches, cones clustered like Indian clubs.Topping out 25 stories above the ground, Kong was spectacular, an ancient beastly creature well-suited for its name. Its trunk at the base measured 17 feet across.This broccoli top, Ambrose thought, was doing well, much like the other sequoias he had climbed.

Source: Is the drought killing California’s giant sequoias? – LA Times

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  1. ianscyberspace · August 30, 2015

    I’ve wandered around those. Fortunately harvesting these was prohibited long ago but the early pioneers did wreck havoc for a while and there is some evidence of that in the tree they cut a tunnel through. Majestic and worth preserving for future generations. Climate change is in evidence in some of those fallen giants. Sometimes long periods of drought and sometimes normal periods of rainfall according to tourist information I’ve read in some parts of CA. There are fallen giants, some hardened by chemical changes in their fallen state.

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